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Promoting Safety and Reducing the Risk for Injury through Education

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Traumatic brain and spinal cord injury is a leading cause of disability and death among children and young adults.
Many of these injuries are preventable.

ThinkFirst seeks to educate people of all ages, communities, organizations and policy makers about risky behavior and injury, with the aim of changing behavior. At ThinkFirst of Northern Nevada, we teach people to “Use your mind to protect your body.”

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ThinkFirst Northern Nevada is a 501(c)(3) non-for profit charity. All donations are tax deductible.

ThinkFirst Northern Nevada

Comments from Teens who participated in our ThinkFirst Program


“Something I learned today is brain injuries all happen at the unexpected moments like the car crash, falling down the stairs or the dirt bike incident.”

“This made me rethink my choices in life and why I should think before I do anything.”

“One thing I learned and will remember is to wear proper safety gear when riding because I would ride without a helmet and stuff.”

“What I think was the most important part of this presentation was when they talked about the brain and how important it is to wear a helmet. I think that’s very important because it is such a little thing but it can save your life. Also the seatbelt. I think a lot of people these days for get about them but they can truly save your life.”

“Thank you for telling us your story. You taught me about the importance of wearing the proper safety gear when riding ATV/dirt bikes. I ride an ATV myself and I’m going to make sure I always wear approved safety equipment whenever I ride.”

“Thank you Drew, I appreciate that you came and talked to us about how drinking and doing things that make you “cool” can be very dangerous. Thank you for your speech, now I will make sure I’m safe about my decisions.”

“Thank you so much for everything. I am now going to take things more serious. I have had 4 concussions and I never took them seriously until now. Thank you very much for coming in.”

“Thank you for coming in and talking to our class. Hearing you speak about what happened really made me think. I play softball but I also like to party and go out with friends. Hearing what happened to you made me stop and think and analyze my choices. Me dad always tells me before I go out “Think past your nose” and that always made me laugh, but hearing your story changed my ways for the better and I appreciate you doing that for me.”

“Thanks so much for coming in Drew. I personally lead a bit of a double life, nothing serious, but after hearing your message I am trying to stop.”

Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Facts


Each year an estimated 500,000 persons sustain permanent brain and spinal cord injuries in the United States.


Correct use of an approved helmet is the best way to protect your head and brain from sports related injuries.


Approximately half of patients with a severe head injury will need surgery to remove or repair brain bleeding or bruising.